Create synergy in our lives as we move together

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Moving Thought offers coaching trajectory to adults for practicing organising moving with the world around them as a way to find balance in study, work and life, supported by movement classes. Further education workshops are also offered for professionals.  

Moving Thought is an approach to coaching, teaching, and organising developed from working in dance, university arts education and somatice educational fields. 

The foundation of Moving Thought are principles taken from primary organising forces which direct order of appearance and sequencing in developmental progressions. These transformational movement progressions are inherent by nature and regenerative, and by reactivating them tap into the information needed to network and transform. 

This primary movement vocabulary first used to learn to walk at the same time progressively is used to participate, communicate and construct thought processes. These abilities organise, develop and transform together as we move from lying, to sitting, to standing, coordinating hands, eyes and feet, where to place a foot, how far to reach, how fast to go, to follow and lead, organise to arrive in time, ready to participate for an event and eventually meet the next milestones in life. 

Over the course of a lifetime, these progression are a factor in determining our 'choreography": how well we have been able to connect, work together, meet new contacts, build networks, challenge what we know, find new perspectives for growth able to move with others to create a dynamic balance to meet the  challenges offered by life.

Practicing organising this vocabulary gives insights into reactions, interactions and understanding of missed opportunities. As we reconnect we build synergy and move with flow to more fully participate in our lives.

Revisiting these early movement progressions re-engage, dust off or finish processes the potential these patterns were meant to give us and  essential for reaching goals, finding balance with others  and for general well being.