Create synergy in our lives as we move together
  • Trude Cone graduated from The Julliard School in New York (VS)
and worked as dancer, choreographer, and dance educator 
before becoming the artistic director of the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and later the director of the Dance
 Departments of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). She is a 
Body Mind Centering® Practitioner, Neuro Physiological Psychological (INPP) therapist and consultant in Rhythmical Movement Therapy. In 2016 she graduated from post college Medical Basis and Psyco-Social Basis Courses in the Netherlands. In her recent work she gives trainings 
in the physical component of moving in the world with others while stimulating creative potential and pro-creation, advises college students with learning 
challenges and coaches professionals who 
have come to a stand still or impasse in their lives or work. Cone 
developed Moving Thought, a coaching approach and series of movement series, based on the
 underlying relationship between moving, communicating and being pro creative in the world. She is a member of ISMETA ISMETA  and BMCA BMCA.